March 26, 2009



To Don, Lisa, Al and Dennis,


Thank you very much for the professional installation of our four windows.  We have already noticed a big difference in the bedrooms.  It seems quieter and much more comfortable.  Don, your “sales pitch? Needs no refining.  You were accurate, honest and the work reflected your word.


It is sometimes difficult to know who to trust and where to go when a person needs something done.  My house is now a myHome house.


I have recommended you to a couple of people, one being Ernie in Epping and he tells me that you guys have stopped in and after three years of trying with other companies he is finally getting his picture window replaced.  I could easily tell he was very happy.  Can’t wait to talk to him after it is installed.


I have also recommended you to a Supervisor here at work.  He has been suffering from the sort of things Ernie and I were.  So many companies, so many prices.  Am I getting hosed?  Are the windows I am getting worth what I am paying?  The whole gambit.


Anyway, I am very happy.  The windows are great, the service was great.  Communication was great.  Ha!  Does it get any better?


We will be in touch to have the other 5 windows replaced towards the end of the year.




Eric Gregg

FPL Energy